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A readers’ club for fans of the Shifty Magic world and New Adult Urban Fantasy

What’s that about? I’m glad you asked!

Magical Shifters are readers who love urban fantasy and particularly the world of Addison Kittner from the Shifty Magic series. Share books you love, help with any pressing Shifty Magic book questions (which title? how about this name?), and be the first to see new covers and to know when a book is being released, have input on future books or possible series, and sometimes get the latest book for free to review! Yay! Plus you’ll be part of a team that has a lot of fun.

Drop me an email and I’ll send you an invite!

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Twelve Months on New Adult & College Fantasy Best Sellers List!

What a great run! Shifty Magic and Undercover Magic  reached 12 months on Amazon’s Best Sellers list for New Adult & College Fantasy. Thank you to the fans of the series for making this possible!

Review blast for UNDERCOVER MAGIC was tons of fun. Congratulations to Stacie for winning the gift card!  Click below to check out the reviews:

Indy Book Fairy       Long and Short Reviews

Beyond My Writing Space       Straight from the Library

What else is happening:

Video interview with the gracious and fabulous Kev Cooper in the UK. My first! For a list of Kev’s books, see his Author Page.

Book 3 of the Shifty Magic Series, Savage Magic, is progressing. Yay! In Savage Magic, Addison makes a discovery that changes her life forever as she battles to stop the extermination of Cooper’s clan.

I’m so excited about this book! Many surprises are in store for fans of the series. :-)

What  people are saying about the Shifty Magic series –

“From the very first page, to the very last, this story grabbed me and didn’t let me go…Judy Teel reminds me of the likes of Faith Hunter and Kim Harrison, she is that good of an author.” (Amazon review–Shifty Magic)

“A fun and action packed paranormal mystery, written for the young adult crowd, Shifty Magic by Judy Teel is a welcome addition to any paranormal reader’s library.  A strong, female lead character, sharp and snappy dialogue, and plenty of action kept me turning the pages to discover what would happen next.  The first book in a new series, Shifty Magic is a good start.” –Maria at Queen of All She Reads

Read other reviews of Shifty Magic:

    From Corey at Corey’s Book Reviews

                    Jo Ann at Journey of a Bookseller

Tonja at Bookworm for Kids, and

Book Bliss

For Undercover Magic

“Well done! I burned through both books in a day and I can’t wait for the next. I read a lot and this was a different view in this genre. I’m looking forward to seeing where the series goes. Keep them coming Ms. Teel!” –R.R. DeSpain (Amazon)

“This series reminds me of Kate Daniels and that is a VERY good thing. Addie is a strong female lead who is unaware of her heritage. Cooper, her FBI and Were boyfriend, is drawn to Addie even though she is human or is she? There are great supporting characters and and a evil vampire with his own as yet unknown agenda for Addison. This is a great addition to the genre. More please!” –Eriegirl218 (Amazon)

Christmas PresentsThere’s a lot you can choose from on my website. I have:

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Tea TimeGreat! I deeply appreciate that. But you can’t do it here. At least not directly. There’s always the sidebar, but who looks at that? (You know you don’t.)

All of my books can be found at  Amazon. You can also get them in paperback there, if you want. 

Mostly this page acts as my front parlor where you and I can get to know one another. I regularly offer free books and post announcements here, so please feel free to stop by often and never hesitate to contact me through Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, or email me at I love hearing from my fans!

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