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Is Traditional Publishing All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

cat on skateboardI feel like I have a split personality — To indie pub or to go traditional, that is the question.

In fact, it’s a question I often ask myself. Like A LOT. Could I do it? Would it help my career? Would I learn more about my craft? I wish I had a crystal ball.

Minus some scrying skills, I just waffle around like a drunk cat on a skate board. As I griped to my published friends about it, one asked, “Why not do both?” Hoo, boy. A third option was not what I needed. Can you say, “double the writing?”

Being a hybrid (as they call it) means three for me and three for you, which sounds pretty daunting. What if disaster strikes and I can’t keep up?

Then as not coincidence would have it, I found a podcast on indie pubbing that lead me to an article about this very topic.

Dean Wesley Smith

“For me, there is no chance in hell I would ever even send a novel to a traditional publisher as long as the publishing landscape is what it is at the moment.”

Well, dang. Guess I’ll stay on that skateboard a while longer.

Magical Shifters Unite!

Magical Shifters

A readers’ club for fans of the Shifty Magic world and New Adult Urban Fantasy

What’s that about?

Magical Shifters are readers who love urban fantasy and particularly the world of Addison Kittner from the Shifty Magic series. We share books we’re loving, help with any pressing Shifty Magic book questions (which title? how about this name?), are the first to see new covers and to know when a book is coming. Members of my readers’ group also get the opportunity to be Beta Readers, which means they read the newest book for free and give feedback. Yay! Plus we have a lot of fun.

If you want in, email me at or send a request through Facebook and I’ll send you an invite!