We felt the earthquake that hit near Charlottesville/Richmond today. Well, my kids and husband did. I didn’t. I don’t know whether to be worried that my house didn’t move (as in, it could crack in a direct-hit quake), or grateful (as in, built like a tank). Either way, they all came home with awesome stories and I got nada. Didn’t even feel it. No rattling. No swaying. Computers never blinked. Even the daughter on the sun porch felt it while nothing happened in my office.

What does it mean, one asks oneself? Since my ego is bruised from being left out, I’ve concluded I got awesome mojo. My own force field of doom. Nothing bad can get in. Run to mom, kids should any natural disaster occur. Nothing will be happening near her.

And why not? I’m such a force to be reckoned with on my own, right?

Ha. Whatever helps ya sleep at night.

What do you think?