First Stop This Month: Austria

Austria  lies between Switzerland and Hungary and is chilly this time of year, so be sure and pack plenty of sweaters and clothing to layer up with. A nip in the air won’t diminish from this country’s outstanding scenery (remember The Sound of Music?), or its fabulous architecture, music, art and food. Fun fact: Pez candy was invented here!

Vienna is a must-go destination and is often the first landing point for tourists. If you love coffee and great desserts, Café Central rates highly with foodies on both counts. If you can’t make it for coffee, stop in for a delicious dinner and enjoy live piano music while you eat and socialize. 

The Kunsthistorisches Museum is worth visiting if you’re staying in Vienna for any length of time (and you should!). The museum is known for having one of the finest collections of art and many priceless objects created for the Habsburg emperors.

After spending a few days in the city, our next stop is the Alps and a visit to Pertisau which borders the Karwendel preserve. Some cross-country skiing is just the thing to give us a chance to be outdoors or if you’d rather, take a ride on the Achensee railway, the oldest steam-driven cog-railway of Europe.

To end our trip, a visit to the famous Austrian fortress, Hohenwerfen  Castle, is worth the effort. Located near Salzburg, this dramatic medieval structure has been used in many films and never fails to intrigue and fascinate visitors. There’s a great show demonstrating how nobles hunted with birds of prey and after a long day of climbing up into towers, you can relax over a fabulous dinner at Restaurant Obauer in Werfen. I hear the Sole with green beans, peaches, and nutmeg is not to be missed!

What a great trip to Austria. Next week, we’re off to Washington, D.C. I was born in the US captital, but haven’t been back in a while, so I’m really looking forward to exploring some new areas!

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