Following Your Heart

I believe we’re living in changing times. We can see it all around us in our weather, our jobs, our governments. The old is breaking up and breaking away to dissolve into antiquity as old things always will. Shiny new ways will emerge and new methods of doing things. It’s inevitable.

Those of us who have chosen to be here for this find ourselves straddling two realities. Our childhood training and experiences prepared us for the old world, which disintegrates around us as we speak. Our hearts prepare us for, and call us to, a new way of living. Navigating these between-times can be perilous and disconcerting, even frightening. To transition to the new, we must learn new skills on the fly and abandon past ways of thinking and perceiving.

But how?

There is only one way, that I know of: Follow your heart. Listen to your intuition every moment of every day. Not easy to learn at first, because we’ve been trained away from it, but once we catch on, vastly more simple and comfortable than the stressful and fret-filled land we now inhabit.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot this week, and as intuition would have it, grabbed the following book off my shelf and opened to the follow section:

From Relax into Wealth by Alan Cohen, page 46

“If you want to know if a potential course of action is right for you, be honest about how you feel about it. If it feels like a fit for you, move with it. If it doesn’t feel like a fit, don’t act on it. If thinking about something doesn’t feel good, doing it is not going to feel better. And if thinking about something feels good, doing it will probably feel even better.

Your guidance speaks to you in a way that is unique and meaningful for you. For some people, that knowing brings a sense of peace of relief, like hearing a familiar favorite song. Others feel tingly, bubbly, or experience a sense of exhilaration and increased life force. Still others feel a visceral sensation, such as goose bumps or the hairs on the back of their neck standing up.

Get to know how you personally experience your inner guidance, and then move with it. Practice doing only those things that match your joy, and avoiding deeds that grate against you. Make enthusiasm a prerequisite for action and you will progress to a new level of joy and success in your business and relationships.

If you do not know what choice to make, wait until you receive a stronger impression. Put the issue aside temporarily, ask for guidance from your inner sage, and keep listening and watching for signs. You might receive an insight in a dream; hear a key word from a friend; or receive a book recommendation that sounds interesting to you. Perhaps you’ll see a magazine ad with a slogan that speaks to your directly. Or you could simply tap into a stronger feeling. Trust your knowing, however it arrives and expresses. Your answer may come immediately, or it might take a while. But it will come in the perfect way and time.”

2 thoughts on “Following Your Heart

  1. Daniel Seda

    I love it! Thank you so much for giving us all an opportunity to feel “normal” during these fickle times. I hope you can continue to share your knowledge and concise wisdom with the world, especially now when many need it most. With Love and Light Always, Daniel

  2. Duckie

    Sounds interesting advice. I might look up the book also. We have lost touch with our inner sage – it is worthwhile learning to listen again.


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