Hot Tea and Inspiration

It’s cold on the east coast (at least to we Southerners). I’ve brewed up a pot of cinnamon tea, grabbed a book off my shelf, and opened a page. The message felt relevant to me. Perhaps it will speak to you, as well.

From Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson.

Don’t Be a Martyr

“Needless to say, we all make many sacrifices and trade-offs in our relationships and family lives. Most of these sacrifices are well worth it. But, as with most things (including good things), too much is still too much.

…Many of us (myself included) have fallen prey to the seduction of becoming a martyr. It’s easy to have this happen because there is often a fine line between working hard out of actual necessity and overdoing it out of perceived necessity.

The sad truth is, however, that no one actually benefits from or appreciates a martyr. To himself, a martyr is his own worst enemy–constantly filling his head with lists of things to do and always reminding himself how difficult his life is. This mental ambush saps the joy from his life. And to the people around him, a martyr is an overly serious complainer who is too self-absorbed to see the beauty of life….

If you think you may have martyr tendencies, I urge you to give them up! Rather than spending 100 percent of your energy doing things for other people, leave something for someone else to do. Take up a hobby. Spend a few minutes a day doing something just for you–something you really enjoy. You’ll be amazed by two things. First, you’ll actually start to enjoy your life and experience more energy as you feel less stressed….Second, as you let go of resentment and the feeling that everything you do you do out of obligation, the others around you will begin to appreciate you more than before….”

And in the spirit of this wisdom, I’m gonna pour myself a cup of tea, kick back, and enjoy a good book. Maybe for the rest of the day.

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