Operation “Clean Office”

What a job cleaning my office has turned out to be. How could one human have managed to stuff so much junk into such a small space. The room is only about 10X10, maybe 11 on a good day. I’ve carted out three or four (I’ve lost count, quite frankly) garbage bags of junk and that much again in recycle stuff. And I’m not even done!


Apparently I’m a master at Pile, Hide and Camouflage. Hmm…I wonder if I could market that skill on the side.

And don’t even get me started on the dust level. I have a theory about dust: let it lie and it won’t bother you. A couple dozen severe allergy attacks later, I’m seeing the innate wisdom in such a theory.

I may post Before and After pictures when all this is done–if I’m not too deeply ashamed to do so. Honestly, I don’t know how I got so much work done in that room. I hope the clutter didn’t hold some kind of magical power.

Nah…. In the end this is a good thing. (Repeat in head often.)

Except for the dust mite empire. Sadly for them, 2012 came early.

What do you think?