We All Have Stories

I enjoy talking with people and I’m continually impressed with the wide tapestry of stories we all have from our lives. It’s been hot as blue blazes here in the Southern East Coast of the US. Consequently, the weather is the subject of many a conversation.

I was chatting with an older gentleman who works at our local grocery to keep himself busy in his retirement. He told me a story about when he was in a VA hospital after the war–as in…wait for it…WWII! (Yup, he’s one spry dude, this guy.)

They were in Louisiana and the temperature was 125 degrees for several days in a row. They asked the commander if they could take their beds outside at night. That hardly seemed like an improvement to me, but then I reminded myself that air conditioning was not widespread in the forties.

The men put cheese cloth over their beds to keep the mosquitoes at bay while they slept. He said when he woke up the next morning, the covering was so thick with bugs he was afraid to get out of bed.

Now, that’s goin’ in a book someday.

Be cool, everyone!  

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