Operation “Clean Office” II

Finished! My back is sore, but I’m proud. It was a huge undertaking. Good thing I’m tough. Still contemplating posting pics. I’ll see if anyone asks for them, first. You may not want the visual trauma.

The best part was all the old writing material I found: ideas, screenplays, notes. It was like being on an archeological dig. The most fascinating experience was finding an old drawing I made when I was about fifteen (see “About” for the significance of that). The drawing looks like an adult version of my adopted middle daughter. I always felt very connected to the drawing and liked to think of her as one of my guardian angels, or my muse. Made me wonder if my daughter was hanging around me then. Hmmm….

At any rate, the office looks great–like a real workplace. I can breathe again. Maybe there is something to this feng shui thing.

Still have some drawers and a corner cupboard to do, but they will have to wait until next month. Must put my off hours into completing Instructing an Heiress. I’ve missed being with my characters!

What do you think?