Virtual Traveling Through November

This month I decided to do some virtual traveling and take y’all along with me.

Tomorrow we go to Austria where on November 2nd they’re celebrating All Soul’s Day. Austria is also one of Piper’s favorite places to take a holiday.

On November 9th, we’ll tour Washington, D.C. in honor of Veteran’s Day. We’ll hunt for out-of-the-way restaurants, tourist sights that are off the beaten path, and maybe check out a dive bar or two.

For November 16th, I’m taking you to Brazil in honor of Proclamação da República (Proclamation of the Brazilian Republic) which is on the 15th.

November 23rd should be the USA in honor of Thanksgiving, but since we already visited D.C. we’re going to fly over to India in honor of the Chhath Puja Festival which is celebrated from the 17th to the 20th.

Finally, we’ll land in the Philippines on November 30th for Bonifacio Day and try out some local recipes.

Pack your bags, get your passports and get ready to go!


What do you think?