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Shifty Magic Series, Book 1

…some people will do anything for revenge.

Paranormal serial killer. Kickass PI. Werewolf mistake.

Private Investigator, Addison Kittner, should’ve minded her own business instead of saving a prostitute from a group of hungry vampires. Especially when her one-night-stand mistake, Were FBI agent Cooper Daine, shows up and suspects her of murdering one of the vamps.

To add another kick in the pants, Addison has no choice but to work with Cooper to find the real killer. Either that, or have the murder pinned on her by the local vampire authorities—as in a quick vamp trial and a slow and painful death.

Sleepover fallout, dead bodies piling up, and a magically powerful serial killer who refuses to be caught…

Some days it’s not worth getting out of bed.

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Shifty Magic Series, Book 2

…some secrets can kill.

Threats. Conspiracies. Angry vampires.

When the FBI comes after Private Investigator, Addison Kittner, for questioning, she does what any ex-street kid would—she runs. Finding out her Were boyfriend, FBI Agent Cooper Daine, is falsely accused of taking bribes doesn’t change her mind. It means he’s invited to come along.

Killer plan, right? At least until the most powerful vampire in the city suggests she stick around and solve the drug case Cooper was working on. And by suggest, he means he’ll kill everyone she cares about including Cooper if she doesn’t.

Sure, no problem. It’s not like tracking down a drug made secretly from magic and vampire venom is hard or anything.

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Savage Magic MEDIUM 2-1

Shifty Magic Series, Book 3

…some evil can’t be stopped.

Immortal monster. Unstoppable plague. Obnoxious enemies.

Private Investigator, Addison Kittner, thought escaping to the mountains with her boyfriend, Were FBI agent Cooper Daine, was a good idea. She could meet his family (yikes!) and have some down time (yum). Too bad her plans are ruined when they get there and are thrown into the dungeon.

Not that she blames his Clan—okay, she totally does. But there is a devastating plague raging through the Were population. Plus she did accidentally awaken a genocidal monster when she tried to find a cure. And when she revealed what she was in order to protect them from the creature…well, that didn’t go so well. But it’s all fixable, right?

Maybe. At least until a once-vanquished enemy devastates her relationship with Cooper.

Family vacations suck.

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Shifty Magic Novella Series, Book 1

                                                   …some destinies can’t be changed.

Kidnapping. Treachery. Annoying Feds.

New Private Investigator, Addison Kittner, is done taking jobs barely a step above hand-drawn notices nailed to telephone poles. So when she gets the opportunity to solve a kidnapping case, she jumps on it. Too bad the job comes with a liability, namely too-hot-for-her-own-good Were FBI Agent, Cooper Daine.

Never one to trust people who follow the rules, Addison ditches him the first chance she gets. A decision she regrets when she discovers who’s behind the kidnapping and they almost kill her.

She hates to admit it, but as risky as Cooper is to her peace of mind, not having the Were at her back is even worse. To have any chance at rescuing the kidnapped boy before it’s too late, they need each other. Maybe more than either of them wants to admit.

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Shifty Magic Novella Series, Book 2

                                                 …some monsters can’t be buried.

Murder. Secrets. Hidden terrors.

War veteran and ex-FBI agent, Margaret Stillman, has faced a lot of bad things in her time. But when the Alpha of her Were Clan sends her on assignment to guard a prominent practitioner’s granddaughter, it gives her a sick knot in her stomach. For Margaret, hanging out with practitioners is only a small degree better than torture.

So when the dried corpse of a coven woman is found in the woods, her list of suspects is long and her willingness to find the killer borders on vindictive—until her investigation leads her into the labyrinth of caves at the edge of the coven’s property.

Because deep in the darkness of the tunnels lurks something much worse than a practitioner murdering with dark magic. Something vicious and deadly that survived the purging of its kind after the war.

And someone in the coven is controlling it.

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Dark Magic FINAL 1-1 MEDIUM

Shifty Magic Series, Book 4

…some rules need to be broken.

Betrayal. Secrets. War is coming…

Private Investigator, Addison Kittner, finds herself on her #1 enemy’s capture list and her friends on his hit list. To stop him, she has to work with her ex, the Alpha Were Cooper Daine, the last guy she wants to see and the only one she’s ever loved.

Add in a powerful vampire hungry for restitution–preferably violent, a hidden enemy that could cost all of them their lives, and a coven of dark magic witches determined to make her and Cooper’s existence very short and very painful.

Can Addison tap into her latent practitioner side and find a new power that could stop her enemy’s plans for revenge before it’s too late?

Eh, not so much.

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Shifty Magic Series, Book 5

Message from Judy Teel:

June 11

The book was plotted, started and the cover done, and then in July 2016, my personal life exploded. I’ve been rebuilding it ever since. Things are getting better.

I don’t feel it’s fair to promise another release date yet after such a catastrophic reality shift, but I can promise you that the book will happen. Deadly Magic will be written and God willing, many more entertaining series after that.

…because some destinies can’t be crushed.

Mythical weapon. Distrust. Sacrifice. Can they survive?

Private Investigator, Addison Kittner, never wanted to save the world. It hadn’t ever done anything for her, so she figures why not return the favor? Except if humanity goes, everyone she cares about goes with it.

So she agrees to take the job when the high and mighty all-races council insists she’s the only one who has a chance at succeeding. But she draws the line at doing things their way. Well, duh.

Because taking the bite of a Bellmonte and linking for all eternity is not on her list of things to do, not after just getting back with Alpha Were, Cooper Daine. Better to tackle the council’s stupid quest and find the pieces of the only weapon that can kill a god.

Too bad the hidden pieces are useless without the equally unknown and very specific people who can wield them—people who don’t even know they can, or should, or would ever want to.

No problem, right? Create a magical weapon. Find the warriors to wield it. Kill a god who’s getting stronger every day. Have an unsanctioned relationship with the Alpha of a Were Clan.

Totally a piece of cake.

6 thoughts on “Shifty Magic Series

    1. judyteel Post author

      Hi N,

      Wanted to update my goal of October as my father (almost 90!) had a stroke last week. Getting him settled around that comes first of course, so I might not make my original goal, but the 5th book will come out, never fear.

      UPDATE: Book 5, Deadly Magic, slated for release at the end of March 2017. 🙂

      1. Teresa Smoot

        I came across the Shifty Magic Series about a week ago and have been on a reading binge of the whole series and the novellas ever since. I really have enjoyed all the characters you have created along with the world they live in. I am almost finished with the Web of Magic Novella and since it is the very last one I have left to read I was wondering if there were any updates on the release date of Book 5, Deadly Magic? I can\’t wait to continue reading this series! Thank you for writing so many good books and sharing them with all of us – Teresa

        1. judyteel Post author

          Hi Teresa, thank you so much for sharing your experience with the books. I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed them and feel inspired too! 🙂

          Book 5…where to begin? Yes, it’s plotted and started and then my personal life exploded in an unexpected way and I’ve been rebuilding it ever since. Including having to go back to an 8-5 to support my daughter and myself. That said, things are slowly improving, and I’m praying and hoping I will be able to get back to my writing soon. I miss it very much and have so many plans for a follow-on series with different characters (but in the same world), and also another genre series I want to write, and…

          Anyway, I ramble (writers tend to do that when we get going about stories). I want to give a definitive answer, but after all the unforeseeable things that have happened since July 2016, I don’t feel it would be fair to you.

          I can promise that it’s going to happen.


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