Work Less, Live Longer

Provocative thought, isn’t it? We’ve been trained from an early age to work our butts off–usually for other people. We saw our parents modeling it. We were trained to it in school (as are our kids). We were taught that relaxing and  doing what we enjoyed was somehow…wrong.

How’s that working for us?

I see a burned out America. A large group of people who’ve been doing exactly what they were told would work. Who are striving harder than ever and getting more of what they don’t want (high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, obesity) and less of what they do want (peace, happiness, love and fun). I see a nation running on sugar and caffeine and getting no where fast, except an early grave. A nation of people who spend their energy paddling upstream, becoming exhausted from the effort, and getting more and more afraid because they’re standing still.

What if we were taught wrong? What if the answer lies in doing what we love, having less stuff that matters more to us, spending more time with friends and family, and having more time to dream? In other words, what if the true key to success and happiness is doing less work? What if it really is all about feeling good from moment to moment? Feeling peaceful and rested?

Maybe we’ve all been looking at life upside-down.

Let’s take a deep breath, today, and turn our canoes around. Relaxing and floating downstream might just work for us. Worth a try, don’t you think?

One thought on “Work Less, Live Longer

  1. Daniel Seda

    INCREDIBLE! thank you, judy! words to live by 🙂 <3 "how's that working for us?" ha! thank you for being the change we all wish to see in the world. living by the message to live within our means and understanding that true happiness must always begin and end within our heartminds. looking forward to reading the next blog. love and light, daniel


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